Research at CRAAX is structured into 3 main areas, with the aim of delivering break-through innovations highly impacting the industry but also the overall society.


IoX, Business Intelligence and Smart Society Management




ICT-Health integration


IoX (IoT, IoE, IoY and whatever to come in the next future) is a novel paradigm driving challenging concerns in current network and IT infrastructures. Indeed, smart cities, smart home and smart transportation are all key add-ons facilitating the development of IoX services. Beyond that, the key benefit from such integrated scenario is the capacity to collect data, that after going through business intelligence processing, must turn into innovative services, new market segments, smart autonomous decision-making procedures, social resilience and even smart social management, just to name a few.


Current research in the networking arena is fueled by both the ever more demanding requirements and impositions set by emerging (and those to come) Internet services and applications as well as by the unforeseen evolution in the technology. In parallel the network has adopted the “decoupling” paradigm (starting from PCE and moving to SDN), where most of the network functionalities are brought far from the “main” network devices. This is a disruptive evolution in the way the network is managed, driving key problems such as security or smart network management.


ICT technology in general, must drive innovative and highly impacting solutions on the society. This multidisciplinary research area is focused on leveraging technology evolution to improve but also to create new services clearly oriented to easy several health mechanisms and procedures. Solutions for patients tracking, fast emergency react, smart decision support or pharmacy adherence, with strong focus on particular communities, such as elder people, are key reference cases to develop the proposed research transferring.



Main research topics in this area are:


  • Services routing in IoT scenarios
  • Optimized sensing in Smart cities
  • Smart buildings
  • Business intelligence in Smart scenarios
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Smart data integration (semantics and analytics)
  • Data quality and security/privacy strategies



Main research topics in this area are:


  • Multilayer networks
  • SDN-based solutions
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Fog-based services
  • Network management
  • Optimized Routing and addressing strategies



Main research topics in this area are:


  • Data analytics
  • Data collection and correlation
  • Systems integration
  • Optimized data-to-decision making 
  • Closing data
  • Devices adaptation
  • Algorithmic design for processes optimization