Formally speaking, CRAAX is the Catalan acronym of the Advanced Network Architectures Lab.


The Lab, belongs to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona Tech, and is located at the second floor of the Neàpolis building in the UPC Campus in Vilanova i la Geltrú. The Lab premises offers not only IT facilities but also meeting rooms, conference centre as well as all required logistics to host conferences, project meetings, etc.

The Lab was originally created in 2008, supported by both the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) through an infrastructure project (PEIR) and the City Council through a collaboration contract, aiming at promoting high quality research in the networking arena at the Vilanova Campus.



The Lab supports the activities of the CRAAX research group, formally created in 2009 when awarded as an official research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The CRAAX research group builds a multidisciplinary team, composed by lecturers and researchers from the Computer Architecture Department (DAC) as well as by researchers from the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, all with a large track record of research activities in the last 20 years, as well as PhD students from all over the world and under-graduate students of Computer Sciences and Telecommunications Engineering. The main CRAAX objectives are high quality research, students training and technology transfer. To this end, the CRAAX members actively participate in research projects and industry contracts, at national and international level, turning into a large set of scientific contributions in conferences and journals.

The research activities carried out in the lab, most usually in close collaboration with the industry, set the suitable scenario for PhD candidates to get engaged into real breakthrough research. Openings at CRAAX are often available, so we encourage all interested candidates to send a detailed CV along with an expression of interest crafting the main thematic area you would like to work in.